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I was about to say that you ripped off LF

But after 2 seconds of research, I saw that he was involved so maybe I'll keep my instant opinion to myself....

I liked it, the first half has the same feel to it as LegendaryFrog's version in 2005. (That long ago?! FUCK I'm old now) I'm not implying you stole it from him, I'm just saying that it followed the video game storyline as he did with some jokes thrown in on the side. This is not a bad thing, just a comment.

But the second half had its own humour and shine about it, I'm glad you took it off track from the main storyline and gave it your own personal take on things.

I eagerly away part deux

cyotecody555 responds:

Anyone trying to parody this certain game wanting to keep it having the same atmosphere n all that would have theirs turn out not much different than this or LF's.

Just because you have to explain that first initial opening story and they're all similar. If someone were to attempt and make a good different opening to a parody of CV, that would be interesting.

But seeing as this part mainly consisted of getting the story goin', you can't expect much difference from the original game. The parts you mentioned at the end when the more original type of writing showed up is the point when it's all been explained.

If any of that made sense, i dunno......
Hard to explain in brief text what I'm getting at.

Really creepy!

I havent felt a chill like that since playing silent hill! Good work :)

I like it

Good animation, nice joke. One critisism though.

Use a higher frame rate, cause the animation looked a little choppy.

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Awesome man!

I havent played a 'point and click' game that good since exmortis! I loved the whole silent hill feel of it. Good job man.

Jesus, you people.

So what if this is pay to play? This is a 3 year project!

This guy busted his ass making this game for us fans, and yes he may have to charge for it, but im sure 'Exmortis 3' cost him money too. Dont review low just because it costs you. The majority of you are just annoyed because you dont have the money or card to pay for it.

i liked it but..

Only because im such a big nintendo fan, but seriously stop taking so many jabs at sony and microsoft. They're just consoles and all three consoles have their own good points.

I attempted flash but i was bad at it so now im focusing mainly on submitting music.

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